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Green Wealth Argument


O is not in the business of settling arguments and we don't expect to start now.  We focus on providing for the net and the people that live on it.  However, we embrace and encourage skepticism within our group and our visitors.  It is the only way we will improve the world we experience.

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Environmental Banks

Environmental Banks

The objective is to shift behaviors by incentive-based policies that lead to sustainable development through market based processes that trade one form of behavior for more sustainable outcomes with negative impacts offset by positive actions that produce a net gain for succeeding generations.

--Michael M. McCarthy, Gathering Matters

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Wetland Bank

WetlandsWetland creation and restoration project is a process of tracking wetland and upland buffer credits that are designated for replacement of future wetland losses for the purpose of establishing wetland credits in Wetland banks either locally, nationally or internationally.  The O Wetland bank(s) allow wetland acreage to be purchased from the account holder.

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Welcome to the our current offering of restoration work and scenic shots of the Ostional Private Wildlife Reserve

Environmental Banks

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In an effort to achieve a sustainable balance between what humans need to live and the natural environment, O is establishing the creation and selling of natural resource commodities and pollution reduction.  This is known as environmental banks. 

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