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"Planet" (Natural Capital) refers to sustainable environmental practices. O endeavors to benefit the natural order as much as possible or at the least do no harm and curtail environmental impact. O endeavors to reduce its ecological footprint by, among other things, carefully managing its consumption of energy and non-renewables and reducing manufacturing waste as well as rendering waste less toxic before disposing of it in a safe and legal manner. "Cradle to grave" is uppermost in the thoughts of O which conducts a life cycle assessment of products to determine what the true environmental cost is from the growth and harvesting of raw materials to manufacture to distribution to eventual disposal by the end user. O does not produce harmful or destructive products such as weapons, toxic chemicals or batteries containing dangerous heavy metals for example. Ecologically destructive practices, such as overfishing or other endangering depletions of resources are avoided by O. Often environmental sustainability is the more profitable course for a business in the long run. O familiarizes itself with a number of respected reporting institutes and registries that exist including the Global Reporting Initiative, CERES, Institute 4 Sustainability and others.

Warning: You Lost Money by Not Reusing This Postcard and 10 better solutions

ATV destination

You may be losing your money, and definitely our money that is allocated to save the environment.  This card is worth something.  Here are 3 ways you can save YOU money, time, and effort.

  1. Give it back to O.  And we find a way to return the favor. Perhaps we will give you a discount on a drink, make something for you, or give you something tangible (a plant, free taste testing) or intangible (Thanks, you are totally awesome!)
  2. Send a Postcard.  Place some white masking tape on one side and write an address of someone.
  3. Your earphone cord holder: Make 2 or more slits in the the card, then wrap the cord within the slits.
  4. Play a search game:  Take a picture with an app to find the original location of the creative common photos used to create the photo.
  5. Make a flying paper plane: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-an-Airplane-From-a-Postcard
  6. Make Biochar:  If you having a biochar oven, it is a great fuel source to make soil.  Make sure the temperature is 1000 degrees and restrict the oxygen.
  7. Post it on your refridgerator or wall:  Something to remember and share your trip. On the other side, you can remember the rules of ATV driving.
  8. Share it with a fellow ATV rider:  Give the card back to the seller or to the ATV rider you see.
  9. Translate tool:  The card is in English and Spanish, so use it to translate some key words.
  10. Visit Pinterest: Check O's pinterest collection for uses of Postcards. https://www.pinterest.com/mftanyc/postcard-and-greeting-card-reuse-ideas/