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Ostional Community Tours

This initiative was organized with the intention of improving the tourism marketing of two cooperatives in the commonwealth of El Ostional--Genaro Pizarro Cooperative and Dinoy Alvaro Mendez Cooperative. These cooperatives jointly promote initiatives for livestock, fisheries and tourism in an territory with an area of more than a thousand manzanas (nearly 2 thousand acres). Both cooperatives have been in operation since the eighties, working together, combining the activities of fishing and the production and sale of cheese, milk and meat.

The Cooperative grants 30 scholarships to students attending college, children of members and non members. There is also a form of scholarship and work within which young people can work in cooperative or tourist activities, and study in the afternoon.


Given the growth of tourism in the area, the two cooperatives decided to integrate their productive activities in the area as a toursit activity. Taking advantage of the arrival of many tourists, and the fact that some partners are already providing shelter and food in their homes. Community Tours is a tourism linked to the people, their activities, the sea and its beautiful beach. They offer sports, horseback riding, scuba diving, snorkeling and marine fisheries.

The Cooperatives have a social commitment through a reinvestment of 5% of their income into the Commonwealth of Ostional for common goods such as infrastructure improvements and training. They also have an area for the reforestation of an area of 20 hectares.


The Community Ostional is 24 miles south of San Juan del Sur, the Department of Rivas. You can take a bus from Managua to Rivas

that lasts 2 hours and Rivas took another bus to San Juan del Sur, which lasts 20 minutes. Hence another bus to El Ostional (1 hour).


The community of El Ostional offers family accommodation in hostels, especially prepared with shared bath ($ 15 / single room, double 20/habitación U.S. $) or private or family homes ($ 10 / single room, U.S. $ 15 double room, shared bath at all), which has enabled one of the rooms of the house to welcome visitors in a family atmosphere. See prices in high season (Easter and Christmas).

The total accommodation capacity of the community of El Ostional is 32 people. Food service is also offered in all accommodation.


Offer various tours and guided tours of about 4 hours' duration each. The main ones are:

   * Tour of the cooperative farm to observe crops.
   * Tour of the fisherman.
   * Tour of indigenous culture.
   * Tours of virgin bays.
   * Tours of animation and turtles hatch


    * The town of San Juan del Sur bay and its surroundings, where you can swim, make sport fishing and sailing.
    * La Flor Wildlife, reserve 4 km. North of the Ostional community.

Location: Ostional, Rivas
Contact person: Johanna Korea
Phone: 568-2612 / 8462272
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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