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O has 3 distinct goals:

(1) community development and disaster relief (people),
my primary mission is to develop workshops, mentoring projects, a digital library, project placement services, and other services.
my secondary mission is to lease and cooperate with an NGO in the establishment of an Emergency Response Unit for local, national, and international disaster relief.

(2) environmental restoration, permacultural and conservative agriculture, LEED design practices and private wildlife reserve status (planet),
my primary mission is to plan, implement, and maintain acres of flora and fauna, construct a rain-water catchment and distribution system for the local area.
my secondary mission is to develop several structures that will be recognized by the intenational standards established by the US Green Building Council.

(3) environmental banking and eco-tourism (profits)
my primary mission is to move effectively and efficiently to creating a network of certified extensive and intensive environmental banks on my currently owned and insured property. 
my secondary mission is to develop and operate the first true "green" action theme park in the world