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Hammock Tent

Living in the Nicaraguan wild means not much more than sleeping stealth sites deep in the forest with exceptional views.  We provide you the most basic private shelter, and permit you to be overnight guests, free to immerse yourselves in the symphony of sounds and smells within the shadows of a dry tropical forest.

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Catered and Corporate Events

Corporate LuncheonO works with corporations and tourist agencies to provide services for groups that might want a more personalized adventure.  We offer group rates on the green ride attractions, and we have a select group of caterers that would make any event memorable.


Parking Fee Vending Machine

 Don't be fooled by the gardens within and adjacent to your parking.  We sculpted the permeable parking system to immediately immerse you into the natural surroundings.  Each 'petal' of the parking grounds has a themed garden with a particular ecological focus: water, food, shelter (home, clothing, biofuels), health (medicine, safety & sanitation).  Trek to the other petals to discover many other things to participate.

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