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Hang Yourself!: Hammock Tents

While others frequently settle for uneven or rocky beds for tents, you sleep above those obstacles. While others are restricted to the few established backcountry campsites, you have millions of suitable sites from which to chose.  While others struggle in wind-exposed tent sites, you can pitch your hammock out of the wind below a ridgeline or behind a cliff.  While others have no option but to contribute to the overuse of campsites by their presence, you pitch in the less traveled path in greater harmony with nature.  While others often encounter camp-robbing critters, you unobstrusively share the forest with the animals and never have to worry about the unpleasant  animal encounters.

Environmentally Friendly

Hammocks allow an easier way to follow the new wildnerness ethics promoted by the Leave No Trace program.

Stay Dry

During the rainy season each hammock tent has a quick install rain canopy (not shown in the image).  The entry is from beneath the hammock so you don't have to worry about bringing sand in your sleeping quarters.

Stay Warm

Dry tropical forests are generally warm.  But in case you are hanging in a wind zone we suggest blankets, sleeping bags, or sleep mats.  This author stayed on the property for weeks in a hammock during its inception and construction, and the wind cooled his back enough to keep him up. If you don't bring any form of  insulation, O has mats for you.  We don't permit using any foliage with our hammocks, but if you brought your own hammock, feel free to fill your hammock with our organic mulch.


You will be provided with simple safety instructions at the time of your lodging reservation.  Any camping has its risks.  Thankfully, the user can minimize any potential danger by being alert to the possibiliteis of injury, exercising cautino, avoiding misuse and abuse of the hammock tent, and carefully inspecting the entire hammock setup before and during each use.

Make your own

Well, O is not about taking away the thrill of creating your own adventure, so we have instructions for you to make your own hammock.