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Hammock Tent

O has strategically placed hammock tents throughout the reserve, draped like cocoons between trees. Some areas have a network of hammocks making an interesting feature on the scenic trails.  But there are also reclusive singular hammock tents that might be harder to reach, but reveal the most exquisite views.

For students who completed the survival workshop, they might be building their own tent or hammock on designated lots for a sense of accomplishment.  We encourage you to leave it up when you leave so that a later visitor, less inclined, might keep out from the rain.

For the more risk aversive, we have placed an array of hammock tents near the parking lot.  During the day they show off the international flags of nations, prominent non-government organizations, and sponsors.  After the day visitor hours are over, guests are permitted to trek to their respective hammocks.


For the intimate couples that need a bit more docility and romance, we can provide rustic tree houses.  Feeding fauna or leaving anything at such locations is prohibited because it encourages potentially aggressive animals to frequent.

All shelters meet strict safety conditions.  However, we advise all visitors that they are entering the reserve at their own risk.  We appreciate early reports of property damage or animal or creature encounters so we can minimize risk to our fellow travelers.  We are all guests in nature.

Price per night for hammock tents or previous made basic shelters are only $5USD or Nica equivalent

Price per night for the rustic tree house are only $20USD or Nica equivalent.

Price per night for your personally created shelter during the paid workshop is already included.