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Parking Fee Vending Machine

Tourists come by many means, corresponding with their own carbon footprint.  We provide you the sustainable parking lot adjacent to our gardens and "Ola"center, and you provide us with the funds to maintain the environment.

Only visitors entering with cars or unaffiliated taxis are required to pay a fee of $5USD or the Nica dollar equivalent.  A fee vendor machine is available at the parking entrance. It accepts major credit cards.  For visitors that purchased a parking permit online, you will be able to type your code via the keypad.  The vending machine provides you a ticket that must be displayed in your car window for security.

Violations of the parking fee result in loss of revenue for maintaining the parking lot and the local community.  We appreciate your compliance. If your vehicle is found to have a missing, copied, or expired ticket, it will result in consideration for the immediate removal of the visitors and vehicle towing.