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Mult-Sport Adventures

Multi-Sport Adventures: These trips have a focus on physical outdoor activities.  Mountain biking, zipline (canopy tours), horseback riding, paintball, etc. all offered in the same package. Our sports are designed to be sustainable and ecological, protecting the areas where these activities take place.

Cooperative sponsorship


O supports "cradle to cradle", a holistic economic, industrial and social framework that seeks to create systems that are not just efficient but are essentially waste free. Respectfully, we raise the standards of co-promotional retail. 

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Disaster Tourism

disaster tourism

Disaster tourism, or disaster learning, is the act of traveling to a disaster area as a matter of enlightenment and subjective evaluation. During the aftermath of a disaster, select tourist groups participate in authorized guided bus tours to neighborhoods that were severely damaged by storm-related flooding.

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 Life teaches us many things.  Some things are easier to learn than others, especially when we encounter it everyday.  O offers workshops for the local community and tourists that focus on survival techniques to handle extreme situations in the wilderness and many that can be transferred to your own home environment.

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Agritourism is a volunteer-based vacation that takes place on our permaculture farm and gardens. This includes the chance to help with transporting, planting, caring, or cultivating tasks during the visit.

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Sports outfitters


With the expectancy that the environment will inspire you in ways you didn't plan, and that the fact the taking your own equipment from home seems impractical in today's transportation costs, O provides rental equipment for assorted sports from biking to frisbee golf.

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eco-tourismEcotourism is responsible travel to natural areas that at best enhances the geographical character of a place, such as its culture, environment, heritage, and the well-being of its residents. 

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Cafe Ole

Tropical Fruit

Under the roof of the Ola Center is a cozy internet cafe where freshly picked and prepared food and beverages is offered.  Although we have affiliations with the food and beverage corporations seeking to extend their presence, we make no exceptions when it involves our missions.  We embrace a no-waste and minimal prep policy.

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