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Special Use Permit

Policy for Special Use Permits (SUPs)

Special events, public assemblies, meetings, and other activities considered non-traditional, i.e., not a customary park visit or not related to the legislatively mandated purpose of the park, and special park uses which require a Special Use Permit (SUP) are subject to certain restrictions. These restrictions are set forth by the Ostional Private Wildlife Reserve Service Management Policies 2008, and other specific requirements imposed by the Steward.

Requests to conduct non-traditional uses and activities will be made in writing, using application, to the Steward at least 4 business days in advance to allow time for administrative review, permit preparation, and scheduling. This excludes Free Speech Special Uses which require 48 hours notice. Fees for Special Use Permits, when applicable, must be paid before the special use, event, assembly, or meeting occurs.

Activities requiring a Special Use Permit, include, but are not limited to:

• Free Speech rights-related activities
• Commercial filming/photographic activities
• Public meetings
• Non-O special events
• Weddings
• Receptions
• Training using park facilities
• Religious services or assemblies
• Organized vehicle displays
• Walk-A-Thons or equivalent
• Commemorative Ceremonies


The Ostional Private WildLife Reserve encourages park uses that draw meaning from their association with, and have a direct relationship to, park resources. Conversely, the Ostional Private WildLife Reserve discourages uses not consistent with the preservation and/or protection of park resources, visitors, and/or values.

The Ostional Private WildLife Reserve may permit a Special Park Use if the proposed activity will not:

•Interfere with normal park usage
•Constitute a consumptive form of use
•Have undesirable impacts on park resources
•Compromise the historic scene or landscape including historic buildings
•Present a danger to public welfare and safety, including safety of the participants
•The time, location, and conditions for such activities shall be regulated by permit to avoid:
•Infringement upon the enjoyment and rights of other park visitors
•Traffic congestion
•Injury to non-participants and damage to park property
•Disruption of normal park operations
•Unwarranted risk to participants due to inadequate equipment, lack of qualifications or supervision, weather, or other factors


Special Use Permit Fees

Steward's Order #01 states that the Ostional Private WildLife Reserve will charge a fee and recover costs for special park use permits unless prohibited by law or executive order, or when the proposed use is protected by Free Speech laws or involves another right and not a privilege. Special use permits have traditionally been issued without charge, however, effective immediately a fee must be charged for issuance of special use permits. The Steward will determine any waiver of fees based on complexity, impact on park staff, visitors, and/or resources, or other consideration beneficial to the Ostional Private WildLife Reserve.

If administration of an SUP requires the park to incur additional costs, the Permittee will be assessed those costs in addition to the basic cost for issuance of the SUP. Additional charges may be incurred for overtime, repairing/restoring/cleaning resources, security, or similar costs associated with the event. A bill of collection will be issued for any additional charges to the Permittee upon completion of the activity.

Fee Schedule – Effective October 1, 2008

  • Application fee - $25USD or equivalent - non-refundable – due with application
  • Special Use Permit up to 2 hours - $75USD or equivalent – non-refundable once permit has been issued.
  • Special Use Permit over 2 hours - $75USD or equivalent– non-refundable once permit has been issued - plus $25 per hour
  • Electricity Fee is $10
  • Free Speech & religious events - No charge
  • Park-related events* - No charge

*These include events conducted by groups or agencies associated in some way with the purposes of the park e.g., Friends group; historical, preservation, and conservation-related organizations; other tourism-related groups or other visitor attractions.
Cancellation Notice: A portion of fees may be refunded for events over 2 hours if cancelled 48 hours in advance.
Guidelines for Special Park Uses, Events, Public Assemblies and Meetings

1. The Nicaraguan Government and the Ostional Private WildLife Reserve will be held harmless in the event of personal injury occurring from the use of park property.

2. This permit may not be transferred or assigned without the consent of the Steward, in writing.

3. The Permittee is prohibited from giving false information; to do so will be considered a breach of conditions and be grounds for revocation

4. The area will remain open to the public.

5. All liability insurance policies are to name the United States as a co-insured and shall specify that the insurance company shall have no right to subrogation against the Ostional Private WildLife Reserve and shall have no recourse against the government or corporation for payment of any premium or assessment. A certificate of insurance indicating that the required insurance is in effect shall be provided by the Permittee to the Ostional Private WildLife Reserve prior to the commencement of any activities authorized under this permit.

6. No personal monetary gains will be derived from the use of special use permits. The sale or free distribution of food to the public or participants is prohibited unless approved in the permit and all Nicaraguan Health Service Standards are met.

7. Those conducting and participating in events shall maintain good order and proper decorum. Public safety and general welfare will not be endangered.

8. Special care must be taken not to damage any historic object or structure or natural feature.

9. Permits are issued only for the use of approved areas and during the designated times as outlined in the permit. Unless otherwise specified, the time of the specific event authorized by this permit is limited to the period beginning at 6 a.m. and ending at 10 p.m.

10. Park areas will be left in the same condition as before the event. All litter, trash, and equipment will be removed from park property by the Permittee upon completion of the event.

11. Activities will be conducted to minimize conflict with other park uses.

12. The Permittee and participants will comply with any instructions from an official representative of the park.

13. All traffic direction and crowd control will be the responsibility of the Ostional Private WildLife Reserve. Reimbursement of any expenses incurred by the Ostional Private WildLife Reserve in relation to the event may be required if so determined by the Steward.

14. All emergency vehicles and operations will be under the direction of Park Rangers.

15. All parking will be restricted to designated areas. The Permittee understands that participants will not be allowed to park vehicles outside designated parking areas. Vehicles may not be driven onto park property. Materials must be off- and on-loaded from vehicles from the street.

16. Permittee will be responsible for advising all participants in advance of permit requirements.

17. Permittee will designate one person to coordinate all activities with the park's representative and will meet before the event to determine specific requirements and responsibilities.

18. The Ostional Private WildLife Reserve reserves the right to immediately rescind the permit at any time should any condition of the permit be violated.

19. A bond (check or money order) may be required to be posted by the Permittee prior to the event to cover clean-up, property damage, and other costs that may be incurred by the Ostional Private WildLife Reserve.

20. The use of public address systems is prohibited unless specifically authorized by this permit. Audio equipment, such as CD players or tape recorders, may be used. Any loudspeaker or music used will be adjusted to accommodate only those people in the immediate area.

21. No signs or banners may be put up for the event, unless approved by the Steward in advance. Any sign approved to be posted under this permit must be removed after the event is completed.

22. Decorations may be used but may not be nailed to any surface and must be removed after the event is completed.

23. All press releases must be submitted to the Steward for review before release.

24. If approved, portable toilets may be placed by the Permittee on park property in areas designated by park staff at Permittee’s expense. Portable toilets must be removed upon completion of event.

25. Permits are required for any project that generates an electronic media, film/video production, or still photography for television, the motion picture industry, public interest, or private multi-media which consists of production crews (regardless of size), equipment, supplies, or materials. Filming projects may involve feature films, documentaries, docu-dramas, travelogues, commercials, infomercials, public television (PBS) presentations, or videos for training, sales, education, promotions, entertainment, etc. Documentaries filmed specifically for sale to a news station or educational channel are considered a commercial venture and require a permit.

26. The park staff will not provide special services or furnish park-owned equipment. Permittees are expected to provide, at their own expense, all special requirements such as portable toilets, tables and chairs, tarps, extra trash receptacles or grills, and similar items.