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Terraced Slope Orchards











Strategy: Create multiple plant guilds within a contour terraces and bund walls.


  • Flag along the contour lines surrounding the flower-shaped parking plateau.
  • Build a series of low walls of 1/2 meter high (high enough to sit on) on the contour lines up to 5 meters distance apart and backfill them with earth to form the terrace.
  • Plan and implement appropriate erosion control measures including bund walls, and planting vetiver and other soil retaining ground cover along the walls and terrace (see Erosion Control);
  • Plant flora along the sitting wall high enough to touch and smell at terrace level;
  • Plant small orchards of fruit and nut trees in the themed gardens and along paths and the roadway of the park; Utilizing multiple methods (time, size, partner, sacrificial, etc) it shall be planted with other tree families that may or may not produce an fruit or not edible to humans or at all.
Materials: Vetiver, Used car tires and/or local stone materials; soil cement and/or permacrete




Need Volunteers

Welcome to O! It is the first smart wildlife reserve in the world.  Designed and financed by a 9-11 FDNY firefighter. And we need your help to make it. We prefer those with experience, but are willing to take time to get you to do some volunteer work. Transport, food, dorms, and t-shirt provided.

Have fun saving the world!


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