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  • You may be losing your money, and definitely our money that is allocated to save the environment.  This card is worth something.  Here are 3 ways you can save YOU money, time, and effort.

    1. Give it back to O.  And we find a way to return the favor. Perhaps we will give you a discount on a drink, make something for you, or give you something tangible (a plant, free taste testing) or intangible (Thanks, you are totally awesome!)
    2. Send a Postcard.  Place some white masking tape on one side and write an address of someone.
    3. Your earphone cord holder: Make 2 or more slits in the the card, then wrap the cord within the slits.
    4. Play a search game:  Take a picture with an app to find the original location of the creative common photos used to create the photo.
    5. Make a flying paper plane: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-an-Airplane-From-a-Postcard
    6. Make Biochar:  If you having a biochar oven, it is a great fuel source to make soil.  Make sure the temperature is 1000 degrees and restrict the oxygen.
    7. Post it on your refridgerator or wall:  Something to remember and share your trip. On the other side, you can remember the rules of ATV driving.
    8. Share it with a fellow ATV rider:  Give the card back to the seller or to the ATV rider you see.
    9. Translate tool:  The card is in English and Spanish, so use it to translate some key words.
    10. Visit Pinterest: Check O's pinterest collection for uses of Postcards. https://www.pinterest.com/mftanyc/postcard-and-greeting-card-reuse-ideas/